Corporate and Homeland Security

Associate of Science

Division: Business and Professional Studies

Division Chair: George Repic, 

Department Chair: Kevin Barrett,

Department Support Staff: Collette Gercken,

Department Office: Technology Center, Room 8240, Phone: 845-574-4298

Why Study Corporate and Homeland Security?

The Corporate and Homeland Security degree is designed to provide students with the information and issues surrounding the protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure (energy, transportation, telecommunications, agriculture, etc.). Principles of protection, investigation, and concepts relating to industrial espionage and competitive intelligence are also explored in the field of corporate and homeland security. Students completing this degree will be prepared to transfer to a four-year institution to continue their education and career goals.

Related disciplines include Criminal Justice and Cyber Security.

Degrees Offered:

Occupational Objectives:

Students who complete this degree program may find positions in the private sector with business corporations and security firms, as well as many government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

5 Top Reasons

To Study Corporate & Homeland Security at RCC:

  1. FACULTY: Learn from instructors who have advanced academic degrees and practical work experience in the field.
  2. CAREER: Internships provide valuable real-world experience and contacts.
  3. VALUE: Affordable tuition, financial aid, scholarships.
  4. TRANSFER: Agreements with four-year colleges offer seamless transitions. This degree curriculum meets the core requirements for several different baccalaureate degrees.
  5. SUPPORT: Small class sizes, more individual attention, free tutoring.

Opportunities at Rockland Community College:

RCC’s faculty includes instructors with extensive practical work experience in Homeland and Corporate Security, along with advanced academic degrees. They keep up with the latest changes in the field, publish articles, and present at conferences. There are more than 40 student clubs and organizations at RCC, including sports, religious, political and special interests. Gain skills in your field through extracurricular activities such as the Student Government Association, Political Science Association, or start your own club.

Program Goals:

  • Demonstrate initiative, leadership, teamwork and continued development to be successful in the field of corporate and homeland security.
  • Students will use their broad education to interpret and understand their roles as professionals in industry and society.
  • Encourage active informed citizenship and leadership in students through the mastery of effective communication skills and thoughtful consideration of ethical issues.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Identify the core concepts associated with Corporate and Homeland Security in today's global society
  • Develop a variety of skills related to core connected in Corporate and Homeland Security including critical thinking, reasoning, and problem solving skills
  • Develop effective oral and written communication skills
  • Evaluate the responsibilities of security and law enforcement personnel in protecting the public from potential threats
  • Describe the responsibilities of security personnel in handling different types of security investigations