Performing Arts

Associate in Arts:

Division: Humanities

Division Chair: Stephen Burke,

Department Chair: Patricia Maloney-Titland,

Program Assistant: Rosemary Witte,

Director of Cultural Arts Theater: Christopher Plummer,

Department Office: Cultural Arts Center, Room 7101, Phone: 845-574-4471

Why Study Performing Arts?

Performing artists can inspire, teach, entertain or move us. Using words or the unspoken language of dance and music, performing artists can create a bridge of imagination that brings people together. Studying Performing Arts helps develop self-expression and self-discipline, and builds confidence, creativity and communication skills. Students choose a concentration in either music, dance, theater or musical theater and can explore a range of styles and genres. Dance courses include choreography, ballet, jazz and modern. Music courses include songwriting, harmony, jazz and private instruction in piano, guitar, bass, drums and voice. Acting courses are offered from beginning to advanced levels and additional courses include playwriting, improvisation, Shakespeare, television and physical acting.

Related disciplines include Communication Media Arts, English, Speech and Teacher Education Transfer Program.

Degrees Offered:

Occupational Objectives:

The RCC Performing Arts program prepares students to continue their education and pursue a four-year bachelor’s degree, or to begin their professional performing arts career. Career objectives include the full range of performing arts onstage and backstage, for film, television and theater venues.

5 Top Reasons

To Study Performing Arts at RCC:

  1. LOCATION: Close proximity to New York City means easy access to auditions.
  2. CAREER: Internships with professional theater companies provide real- world experience.
  3. VALUE: Affordable tuition, financial aid, scholarships, free tutoring.
  4. FACULTY: Numerous performance opportunities to work alongside industry professionals.
  5. FLEXIBILITY: Part-time study can accommodate work, family or other commitments. On-campus childcare is available.

Opportunities at Rockland Community College:

The art and cultural center of New York City is only 25 miles away. Students work alongside many professional designers, composers, actors, directors and choreographers who participate in campus performances. Join the in-house Rockland Shakespeare Company and participate in RCC’s celebrated annual outdoor Shakespeare performances. Attend workshops with visiting artists from the Royal Shakespeare Company. Gain certification in safe stage fighting with professional workshops given by Fight Masters with film experience in Sherlock Holmes; Batman: The Dark Knight; Troy, and many Broadway productions. The Campus Players Club sponsors trips to performing arts events, brings guest artists to campus, and produces many productions in the professional-quality Cultural Arts Theater (seats 500) and the intimate Black Box Studio (seats 50).

Program Goals:

The performing arts program provides a broad and dynamic array of practical performance and industry-related courses to prepare graduates for a career in the field of performing arts. Courses in the performing arts discipline encompass artistic exploration, cognitive awareness of the performing process, and/or a theatrical foundation for artistic action.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental and practical concepts and applications within the performance industries
  • Demonstrate the practical applications of skills necessary for performance
  • Develop and demonstrate skills essential to plan and build resumes for use within the performance industries
  • Develop and apply research skills regarding performance business and character study
  • Develop and apply a variety of culturally diverse and communicative skills