Human Performance Studies

Associate of Science

Division: STEM and Health Professions

Division Chair: Kathleen Hopkins,

Department Chair: Patricia Zodda,

Department Support Staff: Erin Rooney,

Department Office: Fieldhouse, Room 5121, Phone: 845-574-4451

Why Study Human Performance Studies?

Knowledge and training in physical fitness and wellness can prepare you to play an important role in resolving some of the current health challenges facing our nation. Teaching others to maintain healthy levels of fitness and exercise can help them to lower their risk of developing diabetes and heart disease among other diseases currently on the rise in our population. Studies also show a correlation between practicing healthy levels of physical activity and maintaining good mental health. The AS in Human Performance Studies prepares you for transfer to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, Exercise Science or other fitness/wellness-related fields.

Related disciplines Exercise and Human Performance and Fitness Specialist.

Degrees Offered:

Occupational Objectives:

Graduates may pursue careers in Fitness Training and Recreational Leadership with the AS in Human Performance Studies. Positions in Teaching, Athletic Training, Fitness Training and Recreational Leadership are some of the areas of employment one may pursue after completing a four-year degree.

5 Top Reasons

To Study Human Performance Studies at RCC:

  1. VALUE: Affordable tuition for a high-quality education. Scholarships are also available.
  2. SUPPORT: Dedicated faculty. Small class sizes allow more individual attention. Free tutoring.
  3. CAREER: The AS in Human Performance Studies at RCC serves as a foundation toward career options in multiple recreation and wellness fields.
  4. TRANSFER: Seamless transfer to continue your studies for a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, Exercise Science or other fitness/wellness- related fields.
  5. FLEXIBLE: PE theory and activity courses at RCC serve as preparation for many higher-level courses at four-year institutions.

Opportunities at Rockland Community College:

Our 90,000-square-foot Fieldhouse includes a fitness center, basketball courts, human performance lab, racquetball courts and a half-Olympic-size swimming pool. There are 11 sports teams, with golf, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis and bowling for men and soccer, basketball, volleyball, bowling and tennis for women. You can join intramural programs for sports or get involved in more than 30 other student clubs and organizations.

Program Goals:

The goal of the program is to provide students with a foundation that introduces them to the physical education and exercise science field of study. Students will be encouraged to become involved on campus in a variety of activities such as athletics, intramurals and club programs.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Generate fitness activities that are developmentally appropriate and safe
  • Identify culture, social, psychological, and historical impact exercise and sport has on a profession in the fitness and wellness field
  • Interpret research relevant to the field of Human Performance
  • Express the importance of integrating all dimensions of wellness into health behaviors
  • Apply evidence based critical thinking relevant to the field of study
  • Apply principles of human movement in a variety of activities