Internship Program

From the technical demands of the computer world to the specialized skills required in a broad range of disciplines, including business, computer, communications, arts, humanities, social sciences, sciences, math, and the political arena, the College’s Internship Program offers students the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience in a professional setting while earning college credit. As part of Student Career Services' commitment to expanding the career opportunities open to students, the Internship Program offers an exciting partnership with hundreds of local and regional businesses in the tri-state area, including some of the most prestigious companies and organizations in New York City. Benefits of taking part in an internship include earning college credit while acquiring invaluable on-the-job experience, developing industry contacts, obtaining a competitive edge in today’s global job market, and building professional resumes and portfolios.

Qualified faculty members mentor students throughout the internship experience, and the Internship Program offers a carefully screened and customized partnering of student, business, and faculty that leads to an invaluable career-building experience.

For more information on the Internship Program, visit Student Career Services at